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Lost in Translation

Have you ever played the game called “telephone”? One person whispers a message to the person next to them and it travels down the line until the last person announces what they heard. I’ve played “telephone” dozens of times in … Continue reading

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Is Your Church an Externally Focused Church?

 “Externally focused church are internally strong, but they are oriented externally.  Their external focus is reflected in those things for which they staff and budget.  Because they engage their communities with good works and good news of Jesus Christ, their … Continue reading

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Two Aspects of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is both an event and a process.  Making the four promises of forgiveness (found earlier in the book) is an event that knocks down a wall that stands between you and the person who has wronged you.  Then a … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need Mediation?

In a chapter calling pastors to the ministry of mediation, Alfred Poirier ties the ministry of mediation to Jesus Christ and the Gospel like this: “From Genesis 3 to Revelation 21, the Bible is a book abounding with conflict – … Continue reading

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Why We Need a Fresh Encounter with God

“The problem today is that churches are striving to win their world to Christ without having first been revived themselves.  The result is spiritually comatose church members going door-to-door asking unbelievers if they would like to have what they have … Continue reading

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