Why I Love Ashland, Kentucky: Reason #2


Yesterday, I started to share a series of blog posts on the reasons why I love Ashland, Kentucky. Here is the second reason:

2. Family ties are strong here.

I believe God gives us family as a tangible express of His love and affection for us. He gives us a mother and a father when we need nurture and protection. He gives us siblings and cousins to challenge and encourage us. Extended family multiplies our network of care and helps round out our character. That doesn’t mean that every family lives up to these ideals. Some families, as you know fall far short. But in general, families are a gift from God.

I’ve noticed that many families in the Ashland area lean on each other throughout the year. They don’t just get together around the holidays. They work together to take care of kids and grandkids. They depend on each other to help with health issues and maintenance issues. They care for their parents and grandparents with a fierce loyalty.

Families today face a growing number of challenges. But I’m proud to report that family ties are strong here in northeast Kentucky!

Check back tomorrow another reason why I love Ashland, Kentucky.

Author: jeremycouture

I am a husband, father, student, and pastor in Indianapolis, IN.

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