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“Beyond Salvation”

The twelve disciples must have been excited. In John 4: 1, we read that the word about Jesus was spreading throughout Judea and Jesus was baptizing (with their help) more people than John the Baptist. The disciples had chosen to … Continue reading

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What is God’s Plan to Save the World?

In John 3:1-21, we read about a man named Nicodemus who was well-educated and well-respected among the Jews. One evening, Nicodemus went to visit Jesus. During the course of their conversation, Jesus revealed some important truths about God’s plan to … Continue reading

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Hope in the Face of Death

Recently, I walked into a dimly lit nursing home room to say goodbye to an elderly friend for the last time.  He wasn’t able to vocalize any words with his lips, but his eyes spoke volumes.  As we sat together … Continue reading

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