Devotional Thoughts for Leaders: The Danger of Success

SuccessSuccess can be gratifying, but it can also be dangerous.  When things come together in life or in ministry, it makes you want to surge ahead and tackle the next challenge.   Momentum is an important part of success, but it can give you a false sense of independence from God and push you beyond His guidance and direction.

Take the Israelites for example in Joshua chapter 9.  Their victories over Jericho and Ai had “the kings beyond the Jordan” on the defensive.  The Gibeonites, however, went on the offensive by pretending to be people from a far away country.  They gathered worn out supplies, put on worn out clothes, and came to Joshua and the men of Israel asking for peace.  The Israelites asked the right questions, but they didn’t ask the right people.  They were so flattered by the Gibeonite’s ruse they made  covenant with them without even asking God for his advice (9:14).  In other words, Joshua and the Israelite leaders rushed ahead of God and made a major decision without consulting God and it cost them.  When the truth came out, the people of Israel grumbled against their leaders (9:18).  When the Gibeonites were attacked, the Israelites were forced to defend a people they had been commanded to destroy.

How have you seen this situation play out in your life or ministry?

What decisions are you, your church, or organization facing in the next week, month, or year?

Have you taken time to seek the Lord’s counsel on these issues?

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I am a husband, father, student, and pastor in Indianapolis, IN.

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